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From Mediaite: Stephen Colbert’s “Countdown To Loving Mitt” clock continued to tick on Thursday. Colbert, desperate for an alternative to Mitt Romney, turned to a real last ditch kind of guy: Jeb Bush. “Of course, Jeb Bush!” Colbert exclaimed enthusiastically. “America is hungry for another leader from that talented family!” Watch the clip here.


Ever wonder what celebrities act like inside those really exclusive but widely-publicized parties? GossipCop can at least share some pictures with you. The Vanity Fair Oscar party had a photo booth, just like the ones you can find at random bars, or bowling alleys, or Bar Mitzvahs. The difference is that this one took pictures of really famous people posing in a sort of out-of-the-ordinary setting. Look at them here.


 Yes – this man is holding a tazer. Geekosystem reports on a strange new sports phenomenon: originally called “Ulitmate Tazer Ball,” this sport has changed its name — no doubt a result of copyright infringement over the Tazer name. The game is sort of an anything goes rugby where players are encouraged to tackle — but not actually punch or kick — their opponents to keep the ball from reaching the goal. Read more about what it is and how it’s played (no joke, with stun guns) here.

From Styleite: New research from the London School of Economics says that if the government wanted to prevent fashion brands and talent agencies from using anorexic models, it would be justified by the fact that imagery of super-skinny women actually does psychological damage to women and young girls. So far, the French Parliament has made it illegal to display images of “extreme thinness,” and Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority has been banning images of skinny women left and right. Has the idea gained any traction here in the United States? Read the full post here.

The Saints’ Bounty program will Send The NFL’s concussion debate into overdrive, SportsGrid reports, “and probably change nothing.” The debate has raged on and on for years. Thanks to another development today, it’ll only get louder and louder. That development: the league announced today, following an investigation by its security department, that over the last three seasons, the New Orleans Saints had a bountry program in which defensive players would receive payouts for knocking opposing players out of games.  Get details here.

Aw. Geeks really are nice. The Mary Sue reports on Matt Logelin, author, master blog writer, and single dad. His wife died, and Maddy (their daughter) is almost four now. And she loves comic book superheroes. So her dad decided to become one. He felt well equipped to teacher her about baseball, football, and fishing; the things he did as a kid, but superheroes, he confesses, are completely beyond his experience. Read on about how he rose to the occasion here

The Jane Dough reports – no kidding: Calling Georgetown student Sandra Fluke a “slut” is going to cost Rush Limbaugh. Besides making him look, well, really bad, the conservative radio host  has lost several advertisers for shaming her publicly. Read the full post here.