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 From Mediaite: If two leading newspapers in the  United  States give starkly different opinions regarding our  nations economic activity, who do we believe? The Times  focuses on cutting spending while raising tax  revenue,  while The Journal editors believe the answer lies more in  closing tax  deductions while “slashing personal  tax  rates.” We asked over a hundred top economists what they thought, and got some interesting answers. For the full post, read here.


What offensive thing has The National Enquirer managed to print this week? Gossip Cop reports that yes, unfortunately, it’s pictures of Whitney Houston’s body, right before her burial. Low – even for The Enquirer. For the full post, click here.



A loose cable? That’s it? Geekosystem reports on all  that hype a few months ago about the potentially  “faster-than-light” neutrino, which would have  upended the laws of physics as we know them. That is,  if it hadn’t just been a loose cable that started all the  buzz. Read the full post here.


Lucky, lucky lady. Styleite reports on a walking tour of Joan Rivers’ “tiny” closet, courtesy of Time Out New York’s tour with this long-time, winning personality. A believer that fashion should make you happy – that you should “be your own Barbie doll!” – she takes us through her fabulous collection of clothes. Many are custom made. Lucky, lucky lady. For the full post, and a link to the tour, click here.


 Tickets to Thursdays Knicks/Heat game are $655  and rising, SportsGrid repots. Surprising? Not  really…and we don’t need to drop any Jeremy Lin  puns to explain why. For statistics and the full post,  read here.




From The Mary Sue: If you’ve ever wondered who lent his voice to Admiral Ackbar of Star Wars, the man is here to tell you. His name is Erik Bauersfeld, and he’s a radio personality. He tells of a shot at playing Yoda, which he unfortunately did not get. Maybe he’s better off. He still gets fan mail for Admiral Ackbar. For the full story, click here.


 Bohemian Bankers? The Jane Dough reports on  what may seem like an oxymoron, but actually  isn’t. In reference to a New York Times article on  the subject of bankers wearing bracelets, the Jane  Dough notes a recent but apparently continuous  trend of surprising fashion trends for the modern  man. For the full post, click here.