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 Maybe Rick Santorum was surprised – he’s been riding on the steam of recent success, almost neck-in-neck with Romney. Mediaite shows the candidate in a  less than glittering performance at a rally in Tacoma, Washington.  Addressing issues of education and poverty, Santorum deflected on the  gathering of shouting protestors present as his example, “standing here,  unemployed,  yelling at somebody.” And so they glitterbombed him. For the  video, click here.


From Gossip Cop: In a bra on the cover of GQ, Jennifer Aniston declares, “I’m not knocked up!” Amazing how the media alone can impregnate a woman these days — and with twins, no less! Aniston sets the record straight, though, telling us she’s in no rush. The newest member of her household is a dog – not a baby. For the full post, click here.


Okay, so it’s not deep. Hardly even touching.  Geekosystem just wants to make  you  smile in the wake of Whitney Houston’s  death, and Dragonball Z can  help. If  nothing else, with the onslaught of tributes  that have come (and are sure  to keep  coming), it’s definitely original. Watch  the clip here.




A rare find: a fourteen year-old beautiful enough (and tall enough and  thin enough) to walk the runway for high-end designer shows. It happens, though. Styleite reports that Marc Jacobs found a few of these young ladies, and they appeared in his last show. Despite urgings from the CFDA, Jacobs persisted in what he considers the reasonable inclusion of teen models, for the second year in a row. For the full post, click here.



 Yes! More Jeremy Lin! He’s on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week and Sportsgrid covers Stephen Colbert’s personal line of  “Linsanity” – he devoted his opening segment to him, making a plea for a  sponsorship deal. Something about an idea for “LINoleum tiles.”  Click here for more.



The Mary Sue reports that Gina Carano, who we knew and loved in Stephen Soderbergh’s Haywire, will soon grace the silver screen again. She’s set to take the lead role in John Stockwell’s In The Blood, having proved herself more not just action-worthy, but hot. For more on the upcoming movie, see the full post here.


 At the Athena Film Festival, dedicated to “illuminating the stories  of  women from across the globe who have made a difference in their  countries  and communities,” The Jane Dough saw The Lady, a film about Aung San  Suu Kyi, Burma’s most widely known opposition leader and Nobel peace  laureate. The Jane Dough wants you to see it, too. It’ll be out on February  17th, just three days away. For the full post, click here.