Dan Abrams’ Websites Today

On Mediaite — wow, Gretchen Carlson sure knows how to make things uncomfortable! John Huntsman’s daughters joined the “Fox & Friends” host to discuss their father’s campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, which has been marked by quite a bit of snark on the part of his daughters regarding his rivals for the nomination. Carlson just wanted to know if the girls knew why their dad was at 0% in the polls. Uncomfortable! To see the clip, click here.

Happy Halloween! Geeksosystem brings us steampunk Halloween Trick or Treat buckets, created by an artist on DeviantART.com. They’re pretty cool, although I have to wonder why there has to be a steampunk version of everything nowadays…and also what “steampunk” means (just kidding!). To read the full post, click here.

Styleite has adorable Cambridge Satchel Co. bags created for a capsule collection with Comme des Garçons. The totes retail for $350, but they are so cute and come in adorable metallic leather shades. Worth it? To see photos, click here.

EVERY YEAR, YOU GUYS. EVERY YEAR. Sportsgrid brings us the story of a genius NHL player who showed up to a Halloween party in blackface. Granted, he was dressed as Jay-Z and not just “a random black guy,” but come on! I thought after Facebook and Twitter we’d see a decline in obviously inappropriate Halloween gear, but it isn’t even that hard to remember! There’s only one rule! DON’T WEAR BLACKFACE! Get the full post here.

On Gossip Cop: I can’t with this. Courtney Stodden was photographed (but of course) out for Halloween over the weekend, dressed as herself. She was with her husband Doug Hutchison, who also dressed as Courtney Stodden for Halloween. I’M SORRY, WHAT? To check out the weirdest pictures you’ll see all day, guaranteed, click here.

The Mary Sue announces that ABC-Disney is teaming up with Netflix to offer even more shows for online streaming, in addition to shows that are already available like “Lost” and “Phineas and Ferb.” Other shows that will soon be available include “Alias,” “Kick Buttowski” and “Switched At Birth.” Your Saturday mornings just got even better! To read the full post, click here.

Wow! Mogulite reports that nearly half of China’s millionaires are considering emigration to the U.S., presumably in search of better schools for their very fortunate children. Get the full post here.