Dan Abrams’ Websites Today

It’s a rather unlikely comeback story — Mediaite reports that “Parker/Spitzer” has been steadily climbing in the ratings, after performing rather dismally after its premiere. Though the show is exceeding expectations, it still falls far behind the likes of Bill O’Reilly. See a full breakdown of the cable ratings here.

Geekosystem has a fascinating post looking back at NASA’s failed Challenger mission. The ship caught fire barely 1 minute after takeoff, killing the astronauts on board as well as a teacher who had won a spot on the flight thanks to Reagan’s “Teacher in Space” initiative. To read the full post, click here.

Well! Styleite brings us the happy news that, though you can no longer drink the stuff, you can wear 4Loko earrings. Perfect for the office or a date, when you’d like to subtly telegraph “I’m an alcoholic!” without having to say it out loud. Get the full post here.

Sportsgrid covers a study showing an uptick in painkiller abuse by professional football players. The NFL has already come under fire for the amount of head injuries players typically experience during their careers, but painkiller overuse, coupled with the increased alcohol consumption the study noted, is a dangerous combination indeed. To read the full post, click here.

Oh, dear: Gossip Cop reports that Jason Davis, son of oilman Marvin Davis, has unfortunately been arrested for possession of a controlled substance. And by a “controlled substance” we mean heroin. And by “unfortunately,” we mean yikes. Hopefully the “Celebrity Rehab” alum will find the help he needs. Get the full post here.