Dan Abrams’ Websites Today

Mediaite has a clip of Mitt Romney asserting that it’s not his job to change anyone’s mind during Republican presidential debates. Well, sure. The debates have been subject to a bit of scrutiny, as audience members sort of have a bad habit of cheering whenever there’s talk of people dying? To see the clip, click here.

Geekosystem informs us that while NASA might not be a thing anymore (I feel like I read about that somewhere), you can still apply to be an astronaut. Which is to say, if you are rich and want to be an astronaut, they will gladly take your money. To read more about the application process, click here.

Oh, jeez: Styleite comments on Johnny Depp’s recent Vanity Fair article, in which the actor compared doing photo shoots to being raped. This makes sense, because if there’s one thing that rapists care about, it’s making sure their victims are highly paid and look really good. Wait, what? Get the full post here.

Sportsgrid covers an anonymous Reddit column from a writer claiming to be a closeted gay Division 1 NCAA football player. To read more on his fascinating perspective on the sport and his own situation, click here.

Gossip Cop has Hugh Hefner’s reaction to the swift cancellation of NBC’s “The Playboy Club,” certainly one of the most heavily promoted new fall shows. Hef’s take was that the show should have aired on cable. That…makes a ton of sense. To read more of his thoughts on the show, click here.

The Mary Sue confirms what we all sort of saw coming: Disney execs, in the wake of the hugely successful 3D release of “The Lion King” (and the piles and piles of money they are probably swimming in right now), plans to release more classic films in 3D. I guess this is marginally better than all the remakes? Get the full post here.

Blecch — while Mogulite confirms the Bank of America site is still not working, you can totally buy dumb stuff in their online gift shop while you wait! To read the full post, click here.