Dan Abrams’ Websites Today

On Mediaite today is a clip of President Obama’s press secretary Josh Earnest speaking to reporters, delivering verbatim Obama’s response to the 3 billion BBMs he received yesterday while on the golf course: no, the president did not feel the earthquake. No, the president does not want to end his vacation early. Let the man play a few rounds of golf! You can see the clip here.

Geekosystem brings us NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day, a stunning pileus irridescent cloud over Ethiopia. Well, a pileus irridescent cloud, or ALIEN INVASION! To see for yourself, click here.

For pete’s sake! Styleite covers Modcloth’s unfortunate product description for one of their skirts, in which they recommend wearing it while saving orphans in Africa! Some of the ad copy, verbatim: “Volunteering feels good, doesn’t it? It’s also a great excuse to travel, and this time your huge heart is taking you to Africa! Embody the vibrant personalities and positive spirits of the locals when you wear this dynamic maxi skirt with an gold exposed zipper!” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get the full post here.

Sportsgrid covers an embarrassing story about Shaquille O’Neal using a senior staff writer for Newsweek to set him up with Rihanna. Hard to tell if it’s more humiliating that Shaq thought 19-year-old Rihanna would love nothing better than to date the star of “Kazaam” or the nigh-unreadable email exchanges between the basketball player and purported journalist. Fix your typos before you send, guys! To read the full post, click here.

Gossip Cop confirms that Star magazine’s report of impending nuptials for Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds is totally false, which is disappointing for fans of “The Proposal” and also tabloid journalism — between this and the disproven claims about the Smiths’ divorce, they are sort of batting zero. You can read the rest of the post here.

On The Mary Sue: AMC is hoping to drum up interest for the second season of “The Walking Dead,” which premieres in October. They’ve released several promos and in the process also shown that they can’t resist an opportunity to make fun of “True Blood.” Fair enough, but isn’t “True Blood” already kind of beyond parody? To see the clips, click here.

Mogulite broke down the annual list of Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Women today. It’s sort of amazing that the list includes Gisele Bundchen, JK Rowling and Angela Merkel. To read the rest of their analysis, click here.