Dan Abrams’ Websites Today

Mediaite’s own Mark Joyella was on CNN today to discuss Keith Olbermann’s quite sudden departure from MSNBC. While we can never know for sure what lies in Olbermann’s heart, Joyella offered a couple of theories for his exit — including a distaste for the network’s “corporate culture.” Watch the clip here.

On Geekosystem today: would you like to see a photo of what I’ll be eating for the rest of my life? DiGiorno has apparently partnered with Toll House in a corporate marriage that leads to only beautiful things, like cookie dough and frozen pizza being sold together in the same package. To read the full post, click here.

It’s a victory for fairy princess-ism and, well, not great for feminism — Styleite reports that Kate Middleton has officially left her position at her family’s party planning company to be a full-time…planner of her own wedding. I’m sure there will be plenty to occupy her in this new period of unemployment! Get the full post here.

On Sportsgrid: the minigolf course is not just a place to have an uncomfortable first date when you’re 15 — it’s a place where miracles happen! Observe what happens to a group of post-adolescent young men after one makes a particularly difficult shot with the aid of a “ghost ball.” (Gross! Sorry.) Watch the clip here.

Gossip Cop reports that Oprah has a long-lost sibling! Of course she does, and of course she discovered her on the final season of her show. The woman is blessed with preternatural timing. Her sister’s name is Patricia, she lives in Milwaukee, and she’s probably feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment! Man I wish I was Oprah’s long-lost sister. Maybe in my next life. Get the full post here.