Dan Abrams’ Websites Today

Mediaite has Chuck Todd’s recent appearance on “Fox & Friends,” in which he wondered if the recent News of the World scandal might impact how U.S. tabloids do business — in particular TMZ, which has an unparalleled reputation for airing the dirty laundry of famous people. What U.S. tabloids lack, however, is the tight-knit culture of the establishment press in the UK. Get the full post here.

Geekosystem has the inspiration story of an eerily doll-like koala that was rescued and given a sweater by a kindly human friend in Australia. The koala is ridiculously cute in the sweater, but there is something weird going on with it’s eyes. Are we sure it’s not a doll? To read the full post, click here.

On Styleite: interns are meant to give young people a taste of the “real world,” and what could possibly be more real than interning for “Jersey Shore’s” Pauly D as he prepares for the launch of his clothing line? The interns should be paying HIM! Get the full post here.

Um. Sportsgrid brings our attention to a new and horrifying way engaged couples can broadcast their self-involvement to their nearest and dearest: the wedding trailer. The guilty parties in this particular clip are Tony Romo and bride Candice Crawford. In a world where people have too much money and too little self-awareness…you can watch the trailer here.

Gossip Cop confirms that Kim Kardashian has set a wedding date! The big day will be August 20th, after which we can all divide our lives into two periods: “Before Kim Kardashian’s Wedding” and “After Kim Kardashian’s Wedding.” To read the full post, click here.

The Mary Sue has the scoop on the Spider-Man reboot! Get the details here.

On Mogulite today: the president of Blockbuster is having a field day with Netflix’s new payment plan, sure to be unpopular with future subscribers. He even wrote his own mean press release! What’s that thing about pride going before a fall, again? To read the full post, click here.