Dan Abrams’ Websites Today

On Mediaite: a jury found Casey Anthony not guilty of murder this afternoon, but she has been convicted in the Court of Nancy Grace. To see Grace’s typically understated reaction to the news of the verdict, click here.

Geekosystem brings news of more phone company evilness: Verizon will no longer offer unlimited data plans. Boo! Get the full post here.

On Styleite today: Nicola Formichetti, creative director of Mugler and friend of Gaga, said some very dumb and bigoted things about overweight people in an interview. Whee! Read about it here.

Sportsgrid profiles Arizona Cardinals Darnell Dockett, who, if not angling for a reality show, certainly wants someone to pay him some attention. To wit: Dockett’s description of himself on his player bio reads “CEO of I don’t give a f*ck records. I have a midget addiction. Charlie Sheen’s my homeboy. I eat ants. I got a sex tape called Oprah on the Nine-Oh coming soon!” Charmed, I’m sure. Get the full post here.

Gossip Cop reports that Charlie Sheen will be roasted on Comedy Central in September. But…what have we all been doing this whole time? To read the full post, click here.

The Mary Sue has found a species of weevil with nut-and-bolt structures for legs. Just look at the picture. To see it, click here.

On Mogulite: as though there weren’t enough people eager to weigh in on the Casey Anthony verdict, we now have Donald Trump, Jr.’s, thoughts on the matter. Expressed via Twitter. Get the full post here.