Dan Abrams’ Websites Today

On Mediaite: campaign ads already? I’m exhausted! Mitt Romney’s latest TV spot has Americans being literally run over by the “economic recovery wagon.” I guess this is the level of nuance we can expect until November 2012! To watch the ad, click here.

YES. Geekosystem brings us the story (with pictures) of the man who broke the current record for the world’s largest sandcastle. Big question: how is the dude able to sit on the sandcastle? Seriously, how is that happening? To read the full post and see the castle in full, click here.

Styleite has uncovered photos of Pippa Middleton’s own college modeling days. The big difference between this and her sister’s own modeling stint is that only one of the gigs resulted in marriage to a prince. Too real? Sorry! Pippa is great! See the photos here.

On Sportsgrid: with no football to play, Chad Ochocinco is bored. He’s decided to try his hand at being something of a scientist. Sample wisdom disseminated via Twitter: “Dear 71% of women who’ve yet to experience an orgasm did you know sneezing is 1/4 of an orgasm? So you’re almost there.” Get the full post here.

NO! Gossip Cop reports that Rebecca Black’s “Friday” video temporarily disappeared behind some weird YouTube paywall. Luckily, it’s back up for free. Fun fun fun fun! To read the full post, click here.

The Mary Sue covers a story that is equal parts bizarre and amazing: a woman may donate her uterus to her daughter, who was born without one, so she can have a baby. From the womb that carried her as a baby. Aaaahhh! Get the full post here.

Mogulite covers Jeffrey Katzenberg’s many, many woes at Dreamworks. Get the full post here.