Dan Abrams’ Sites Today

Mediaite has yet another interview in which Sarah Palin coyly hints that she may run for president. This time, it was with Barbara Walters on “Nightline.” Palin said she’s still weighing whether a run would be good “for the discourse,” whatever that means, but seems pretty confident she could beat Obama. I guess we’ll just see about that, won’t we? To read the full post, click here.

Geekosystem has a stunning photo of astronaut Tracy Caldwell gazing at earth from the bay window of the International Space Station. It’s an arresting image, in large part because Caldwell appears to be lying on top of the window. What if it broke?! Get the full post here.

On Styleite today: Vogue has put together their annual “Best Dressed” list for 2010, and crowned one supermodel the best-dressed woman of the whole decade! Notables include style icon Sarah Jessica Parker, and newcomers Blake Lively and Michelle Obama. To see a slideshow of the winners, click here.

On Sportsgrid today: well, it’s no episode of “Friday Night Lights” but this remarkable play from Crespi Carmelite High School is still a sight to behold. CCHS was down 28-7 in the first half, tied the game at 28 and then a miracle happened. To see the video, click here.

Gossip Cop puts an end to rumors that Courteney Cox is dating her “Cougartown” costar Brian Van Holt. Wait, they’re dating? And “Cougartown” is still on the air?! As it turns out, only one of those completely ridiculous-sounding things is true. To read the full post, click here.