Dan Abrams on George Zimmerman Trial

Dan appeared on Good Morning America┬átoday to talk about the impact of the trove of evidence recently released to the trial (and to the public) of George Zimmerman. There is a huge amount of new information: audio recordings, hard documents like medical and police reports reports, and lists of witnesses. It is too soon to tell exactly how new pieces of information will affect the course of the deliberation, but Dan seems to suggest that one not make too many assumptions. Already, there is media attention focusing on the possibility that, since more of Zimmerman’s own account is corroborated by some information, his claim of self-defense will stand up. One particularly interesting quotation was from Trayvon’s father, in response to the audio recording of the altercation. When asked whether or not the screams for help sounded like Trayvon’s, he admitted that they did not. “It’s helpful to Zimmerman’s defense,” Dan said of all the evidence, “but it’s not the end of the inquiry.” To watch Dan Abrams and the full discussion, click here.