Dan Abrams on Etan Patz Confession

Dan also appeared on ABC World News last night to cover the break in the Etan Patz case. Speaking with Diane Sawyer, he answered questions many have about Pedro Hernandez’s confession to strangling Etan Patz to death in 1979. Dan says that while we do not know if his confession was truthful, authorities are “giving it some credence,” based on the facts that Hernandez lived in Patz’s Soho neighborhood, that relatives are backing his claims, and what they learned during two full days of questioning. Explains Dan, “In high-profile cases like this, you get people like this all the time who are claiming credit,” and the authorities will take that into consideration in their effort to obtain the truth. Whether this was a false confession is yet to be seen. Watch Dan’s coversation with Diane Sawyer here.