‘Dan Abrams Live’ Moves to 9P.M. Slot on NewsNation

Long time legal analyst Dan Abrams’ nightly program, Dan Abrams Live, has moved to a new hour of 9P.M. ET. The show, which airs on NewsNation, premiered last September and focuses on giving a viewers a highly opinionated, but fact-based analysis on the most important news of the day.

President of NewsNation, Michael Corn, addressed the move in a statement, noting that “moving to 9 p.m. ET will expose Dan and his show to millions of new viewers at a time when the cable news landscape is going through a lot of transition, with a number of schedule changes and anchor realignment underway.”

The show, which was previously broadcast in the 8P.M. hour, made its official move to 9P.M. on Monday, February, 28th. “This is very exciting but just the beginning,” said Abrams in a statement to Mediaite, a site he founded.

“We have seen ratings growth every month since I started in late September, including 46 percent from December to January but this show, and the network are new. So we have a ways to go but I am convinced that we are growing for a reason, that there is a politically moderate audience tired of the extremism and outrage machines currently offered on cable news in prime time.”

NewsNation is available across a variety of television providers, streaming platforms,  and the NewsNation app. Find your channel here, and watch Dan Abrams Live only on NewsNation at 9P.M. ET.