Comey Hearing: Trump’s Word Against Comey’s–Dan Weighs In

On Thursday, June 8th former FBI director James Comey gave testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee regarding private meetings that occurred between him and President Donald Trump. Corresponding as Chief Legal Analyst during ABC News’ coverage of the hearing, Dan Abrams weighed in on the legal obligations Trump faces, should he maintain that Comey lied on the stand.

During the hearing, Comey testified that Trump expressed his desire for the FBI to cease their investigation of a portion of the Michael Flynn investigation. In addition, he also stated that Trump indicated that loyalty from Comey to the President was needed and expected. Both points are being contested by the Trump administration, which leads Dan to ask the question: is Trump obligated to prosecute Comey for lying under oath? Dan notes that the legal ramifications of accusing someone of perjury, as Trump is accusing Comey, extend beyond mere heresy; if Trump truly believes Comey falsified his statements, Trump is indeed obligated to follow through with a perjury charge.