Ambo TV: Christian Sermons For A New Generation

On Monday, Dan announced the release of his new network Ambo TV, the first live Christian sermon network. Ambo TV will be streamed live in the Abrams Media studios in Manhattan, New York and is an OTT and linear network. The network focuses on millennials in a non-denominational, multicultural, inspirational format that guides viewers on how to live life in God’s eyes.


Headed by law school and divinity school grad Brooke Girley, the network promises to reach audiences through a variety of pastors nationwide, who many would not have the chance to see in person. Included in the roster are the Victory Church of Tulsa, OK and the Fresh Life Church, which is led by pastor and best-selling author, Levi Lusko. The sermons are focused on delivering compelling lessons on joy and kindness in a modern world.


From Ambo TV, the intention of the network is to “create a venue for the next generation of pastors. Less formal, tapped into today’s millennials and just more interesting and fun. These aren’t the pastors you will see on other Christian networks. They are a diverse group of preachers offering 21st century preaching styles.”


The network will premiere in November and host live sermons every Saturday and Sunday. Back-to-back live programming will be accompanied by in-studio discussion with hosts, expert guests, and the viewing community. Viewers will be able to chat and discuss the sermons in real time with both the hosts and others on the site.

Ambo TV has a strong social media presence. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat for the latest updates.