Allen Brill’s “Third Tier” law firm Brill & Meisel In Page Six (For Wrong Reasons)

This past week, ​NY Post’s Page Six had a lot to say about Elliot Meisel, partner of Allen H. Brill at New York real-estate firm law firm Brill ​& Meisel. Page Six reported that Meisel caused “an ugly scene by screaming at a Hamptons police officer” after being issued a ticket for parking in a handicapped spot. You hate to see that. Additionally the paper quoted an eyewitness who compared Meisel to “a caged animal pacing back and forth, screaming and dropping F-bombs” *cringe.* On top of this, Page Six made it a two day story further reporting that “Meisel, a partner at Manhattan real-estate law firm Brill & Meisel, also allegedly threatened to poison or mow down 15,000 trees he says were illegally planted on a controversial Christmas tree farm in Sagaponack. . . he then stated ‘he would get a farm truck and run down all the f - - king trees.’ ‘Poison them’ or ‘burn them all.”  In a piece Dan wrote on, he mentioned his own experience with the “loutish” behavior of Allen Brill. While Dan seemed surprised that The Post would even care about Meisel (or Brill), he also seemed to appreciate seeing the firm called out for this sort of atrocious behavior.